YKBulk by Brutal Force: The Safest Alternative to YK11 Myostatin

YKBulk by Brutal Force

Defining YKBulk by Brutal Force

YKBulk by Brutal Force is a myostatin inhibitor that was released for sale a couple of months ago on the 21st of May, 2018. It is a product created by Brutal Force Nutrition to deal with the issue that their previous release, YK11 had been suspended from sale due to FDA takedowns.

YKBulk was also created so people can have a safer alternative to YK11 because there were reports that YK11 has side effects that may be harmful to the users.

YKBulk is comprised of different ingredients than YK11, but it does the same thing to the body that YK11 does. The difference between them is that YKBulk by Brutal Force uses 100% natural ingredients which are clinical grade and has no reported permanent side effects.

The reasons why YKBulk is known to be better than YK11

Compared to YK11, Brutal Force YKBulk is known as the safer alternative to YK11 for a number of reasons.

Firstly, YKBulk by Brutal Force does not use any chemical ingredients so it is much safer than the chemical compounds used in YK11. The reason why those items may be harmful is that they are man-made and could contain a lot of impurities that can harm the users.

Secondly, this product has been clinically tested to determine its safety before it was released for sale. This means that you will know if there are going to be side effects or irreversible damages caused by using this product because you have already consulted with a doctor whether it’s safe or not before using it. If the doctor says there are no risks associated with using this product, then the product is safe to use.

Lastly, YKBulk by Brutal Force does not require a prescription from your doctor before you can purchase it, unlike YK11 which requires you to have a written note from your therapist or physician before they will ship this product to you. Read also about 4-dhea. This shows that there are no side effects associated with using this product because it is 100% natural and has been clinically tested for its safety and effectiveness before it was released for sale.

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How YKBulk works

How YKBulk works in the body

YKBulk works by triggering the production of more myocytes in the muscles. Myocytes are cells in your muscles that help you build more muscle mass in the body. This myostatin inhibitor helps in increasing the myocyte count in your muscles which, when it reaches its peak, is known to increase your muscle mass by up to 20% or even higher than that.

There are also some studies that suggest that YKBulk can trigger an increase of IGF-1 levels by at least 202%. That’s all because of this product’s ability to block the activity of MSTN (also known as Myostatin) which is a protein that inhibits muscle growth and reduces IGF-1 levels. When you use YKBulk, one thing it does is that it blocks MSTN from acting, so you experience an increase of IGF-1 levels in your body.

In the end, YKBulk will improve your muscle mass by triggering a higher production of myocytes and IGF-1 levels. The result is a leaner and more muscular physique because what this product does is help you achieve a ripped and harder physique while also increasing your strength over time.

The positive effects of using YKBulk

Using Brutal Force YKBulk has impressive positive effects. The user gains the following if YKBulk is utilized according to the proper dosage instructions:

Increased muscle size

Muscle gains are what most bodybuilders are after. YKBulk helps you achieve that by helping you build lean muscle mass at a faster rate compared to just workout alone. Your muscles also become harder because of the reduction in fat content, so it’s not just about building more muscles but also making your current ones bigger and stronger. So using Brutal Force YKBulk will result in better-defined muscles too.

Increased strength levels

Another positive effect of regular use of YKBulk is increased strength levels over time. When people work out, they often complain about losing their strength because they keep on breaking down the muscle tissues every time they hit the gym for workouts. Using this product will help you prevent that problem because it helps you build more muscle tissue and also recover quickly because of its super-fast recovery time. You will be able to hit the gym over and over again within a short period of just one week, so expect to experience greater strength levels after using this product for a few weeks.

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Increased stamina

People who want to go from zero to hero when it comes to endurance training should try Brutal Force YKBulk as soon as possible. This product is designed not only to boost your strength but also your stamina as well. Once you use this product regularly, you won’t have an issue with fatigue during workouts or even in between workouts anymore because that could slow down your progress significantly.

Promotes enhanced heart health and oxygen circulation

YKBulk has the ability to make your bloodstream healthier which, in turn, will allow more oxygen to flow throughout the body. This is great for bodybuilders because better oxygen flow means more endurance during workouts. You can go longer without getting tired or experiencing muscle fatigue. And that’s just what you need if you want to stay focused on building muscles and achieving greater strength levels over time instead of worrying about becoming exhausted halfway through your workout session.

Enhanced libido levels

Not everyone knows this but your sex drive can actually be beneficial to your workout regimen. So when you use YKBulk, expect an increase in your libido levels which will make you more excited about hitting the gym in order to see better results in terms of muscle size and strength when using this product. 

Safe Alternative To Myostatin Inhibitors

One thing that makes Brutal Force YKBulk a good alternative to myostatin inhibitors is it’s 100% safe. It doesn’t have any side effects because it contains all-natural ingredients that are blended together scientifically for optimal absorption by the body. With no artificial substances added, there’s nothing you should worry about so long as you follow proper dosage instructions.

The potential negative side effects of YKBulk abuse

However, if the Brutal Force YKBulk user does not adhere to the recommended dosages, the following side effects can occur:

Decreased levels of HDL

The abuse of YKBulk can cause an increase in the blood pressure levels of the user. This is due to a sharp decrease in HDL or good cholesterol which can potentially cause cardiovascular issues.

Increased “bad” LDL cholesterol levels

Increased levels of LDL or bad cholesterol can lead to serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke because it clogs up your arteries and reduces blood flow around the body. If you want to avoid these kinds of negative side effects, always follow the recommended dosage and how-to guidelines found on their website so nobody gets hurt while utilizing this product for muscle gains.

Decrease in the levels of creatine

One main ingredient in this product is creatine so it could be damaging if YKBulk users do not follow the recommended dosage guidelines. This ingredient is important for muscle growth because it provides energy to all cells in your body which are responsible for building muscles, including heart cells. If you have good-sized muscles yet have a weak heart, then that’s something to be worried about. Muscle size will definitely suffer because of this one factor alone if the user does not pay attention to the recommended dosages.

Increased bad cholesterol levels

The abuse of YKBulk may lead to an increase in LDL or bad cholesterol levels which can lead to serious health problems such as stroke and heart attack. The best way to avoid these side effects is to follow the recommended dosage guidelines found on their website.

Increased blood pressure levels 

There may be an increase in blood pressure if users do not adhere to the proper dosage so they should always pay attention to how-to and pre-recommended directions found below.

YKBulk’s recommended dosages

Brutal Force YKBulk’s recommended dosages

To avoid the potentially harmful effects of YKBulk, you simply need to adhere to the proper and recommended dosage instructions. We’ve compiled a list of dosages for YKBulk depending on your goal.

Bulking: In order to bulk up using Brutal Force YKBulk, users who are not experienced with YKBulk should start off with 20mgs per day for 6-8 weeks. If this does not cause any side effects, users can bump up the dosage to 30mgs per day for 2 weeks. At that point, they should drop it down to 50mgs only when bulking up and use a test booster in order to promote a healthy hormone profile.

Muscle Recovery: Users who want to experience muscle recovery from Brutal Force YKBulk should take 15-25mgs before going to bed. Again, if there are no negative side effects after 1 week of use, you could bump up the dosage by another 5 milligrams and add 5 milligrams more every week until you reach your goal.

Maintaining Lean Muscle: Users who want to maintain their lean muscle mass should take 12.5-25mgs before breakfast and wait 30 minutes afterward before eating their morning meal. This dosage should be used for 6-8 weeks.

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Beginners: New users or men who are possibly sensitive to YKBulk should start off with 5mgs per day in order to assess how they tolerate this product. If there are no negative side effects after 1 week of use, you could bump up the dosage by another 5 milligrams and add 5 milligrams more every week until you reach your goal.

Stacking options for Brutal Force YKBulk

To further enhance the benefits of Brutal Force YKBulk, the user can use it in a stack together with other products. Listed below are some of the great stacking options that can be done with YKBulk:

YKBulk + Heliobol: If you want to develop your lean muscles faster, Heliobol is one of the best products that you can stack with YKBulk. It boosts muscle volume and increases absorption rates which will give you dramatic results in no time!

YKBulk + Hyper Gain Black: This supplement was designed for men who want to experience insane gains during their bulking turn. Hyper Gain Black contains ingredients that are scientifically proven so it’s definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for immediate results.

YKBulk + Gen-Shi YK-11: Add 1ml or 3 capsules of this product every day after dinner while following the recommended dosage instructions found here and on Brutal Force’s website. Gen-Shi YK-11 is a powerful product that can help give you the best results if taken properly.

YKBulk + Methyl Ripped: Formulated with those who want to experience rapid muscle growth, this supplement enhances vascularity and pumps as well as increases appetite which makes it perfect for an after-workout supplement stack.

YKBulk + Hyper Gain Black Advanced: If you want to combine advanced cutting agents with your bulking process, then stacking Hyper Gain Black Advanced will be a great choice. It contains ingredients such as caffeine so expect serious pumps and energy levels when stacked together!

For more stacking options, we suggest that you consult your physician or a board-certified nutritionist. If you experience side effects, do not continue to use the product and consult your primary care physician immediately.

The legal status of Brutal Force YKBulk

Brutal Force YKBulk is completely legal and it can be purchased from the official website of Brutal Force. If you have a medical prescription, you may buy YKBulk with a doctor’s order. The product is also available for sale on most online supplement stores such as Amazon but we recommend that you consult your physician or a board-certified nutritionist before trying this product out.

Product reviews for YKBulk

  1. Logan Sinders (June 1, 2021): YKBulk really saved me from a lifetime of misery. I used to be the skinniest person in my family and I ate like a horse to compensate for my lack of energy. Ever since I took this product, I noticed that I could work out longer without feeling exhausted. My muscle mass also bulked up within 5 weeks of taking it which was really surprising. YKBulk has given me the confidence to even approach women because every time they would see me, they’d comment how big and muscular my arms were! It’s definitely worth trying if you want explosive results fast!
  2. Norland Garland (June 15, 2021): Before YKBulk, all of the supplements that I’ve taken seemed useless until now. All those products promised muscle gains but it never happened even after several months of taking them. When I tried out YKBulk, everything changed. Within no time, my clothes started to feel tighter around the chest and shoulders so I’m guessing that my muscles were developing fast. It’s really one of the best products that I’ve ever taken when it comes to bulking up in record time!
  3. Duayne Marckinson (June 27, 2021): I tried other products before but nothing even came close to YKBulk. This product saved me because it helped me get out of my old skinny self and into the ripped person that I wanted to be in just a matter of weeks! It’s not just about how much muscle I’ve gained, but I noticed that this product has improved my metabolism so it was easier for me to shed the excess fats off my body.
  4. Steph Jones (July 17, 2021): I’m not really that into working out but when I started taking YKBulk, I found myself waking up earlier just to stretch my muscles. It was the most amazing thing ever because all of my friends are already well-built while I’m still struggling with the same old flabby self. As expected, my family noticed how much muscle mass I gained so they weren’t surprised when I told them about this product. If you want to experience explosive results without breaking your bank account, YKBulk is definitely worth trying out!
  5. Carlisle Robinson (July 29, 2021): I’ve already tried YKBulk for about 3 months now and it has never failed me. The best part was that this product worked better than all the other supplements that I’ve taken before because I was able to gain at least 7-8 lbs within just 2 weeks! Because of its safe ingredients, there were no side effects which convinced me to use this nonstop. If you’re not into steroids or working out but you want to bulk up fast, YKBulk is your answer.
  6. Arvis Haden (August 15, 2021): Thanks to Brutal Force for making such an amazing product! Before trying out YKBulk, I was really skeptical since most bulking pills make false claims on their website. This product proved me wrong because it was able to deliver its promise of increased muscle mass right on the dot! I noticed my gains within a month and I still continue taking it even if I was already satisfied with what this product gave me.
  7. Lynn Jones (October 25, 2021): I’m really happy Myostatin YKBulk changed my life forever! As a woman, having a lean body is a dream come true but most women find themselves struggling with their weight loss goals even after trying out different diets and workouts. But thanks to YKBulk, all you need is just one simple pill every day before hitting the gym to ensure that you’ll become stronger than ever. After 1 month of this product, my arms were already starting to bulge and my abs started to show! Can you imagine the changes that will happen in a year? I’m definitely going to take this until I’m satisfied with my body!
  8. Pauline Frost (October 31, 2021): One of the best things I noticed about Myostatin YKBulk was its ability to increase my endurance during workouts. At first, I didn’t notice any changes but when winter came, I found myself being able to hang out much longer without feeling exhausted or tired. Now that it’s summer, I love everything about this product because I don’t have a hard time going on all-day-long adventures with friends even if we’re just strolling around in a park. If you want a really potent supplement that will boost your lean muscle gains, Myostatin YKBulk is highly recommended!
  9. Troy Thunder (November 2, 2021): YKBulk has been the safest and quickest way for me to bulk up without having to ingest steroids or work on an intense workout routine. As a mother of 4, time is really precious and I don’t want to spend hours on end in front of my treadmill doing cardio exercises. But thanks to this product, I was able to cut down my workout time to just 10 minutes because it has improved my stamina that much. And voila! After just one bottle of Myostatin YKBulk, I noticed significant improvements in my physique – from having bigger arms and tighter abs all the way down to toned calves and thighs.
  10. Carson Clark (November 5, 2021): Getting ripped is always the dream especially for guys like me who are already in their 30’s. I don’t want to spend on expensive supplements or hire a personal trainer because it costs quite a lot of money and is time-consuming. That was why I started taking YKBulk last year and I became really impressed with its performance that it has become my number 1 go-to product every day before heading to work. If I forget to take this supplement, I can really feel the difference because my energy levels were compromised which explains why Myostatin YKBulk is so effective!
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FAQs about YKBulk

FAQs about YKBulk

Is YKBulk better than YK11?

According to Brutal Force and product reviews, YKBulk has been proven to be more effective than YK11 Myostatin. It is because this non-steroid product can target muscle growth without any side effects which makes it 100% safe for bodybuilders who are still struggling to achieve their fitness goals.

Will YKBulk make me bulk up without exercising?

No, YKBulk will not magically create muscles on your arms and legs even if you’re taking the supplement regularly. This product will increase your muscle mass once your body starts to produce more testosterone and lean muscles.

Is Brutal Force a safe source for SARMs?

Yes, Brutal Force is one of the most trusted SARMs suppliers in the market today because they have been in business for more than 2 decades. They are dedicated to helping men achieve their fitness goals without putting their health at risk, making it really safe for you to buy genuine products through the use of fake identifiers like holograms and serial numbers.

Conclusion and summary

To summarize this article, Brutal Force YKBulk is a non-steroidal supplement that has been proven to be 100% safe and effective.

It can increase your lean muscles and improve overall strength, making it the safest alternative to YK11 Myostatin. It is also really affordable! So there is no longer an excuse not to achieve your fitness goals with this product!

What are your thoughts regarding Brutal Force YKBulk? Please let us know in the comments below!

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